Help! Help!

When you visit a city, there will be some bubbles over houses where quests are. This will let the player find quests more easily. Other bubbles may be used to indicate other status such as player ownership, etc., in the future. One thing, it would be nice to show how many people, and if they are happy or angry with the player. That might be useful in the future but for right now, I just need to give the player an aid in finding quests.

This quest system will be great, and as I have it basically laid out now, it would be nice to blow through it as quickly as possible so I can move on. Vex needs to be more surreal. To that end, I need to work up the cities design a bit more, right now cities have very limited in terms of architecture, but that is easily fixable. As well, the quests will add a lot of surreality to it because they are quite extreme and use the phrase engine to produce hopefully a very large range of problems. Lastly, if I can implement some kind of geographical "outcropping" or feature (for lack of a better word) it would be nice. So for instance, planets may have a few huge trees or rocks, not too many but maybe 20 or so scattered throughout the planet. Other things, like if I work up the sky model a bit more so that it can have a wider range of colours will help too. Or add floating fluff to the planets a bit more, and maybe some things like sunbeams and lightning. SO MUCH! But... doable I think...


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