Crisis of Beaurocracy!

I think that vex has enough beaurocracy right now. Admittedly, the court and senate system seem like nice ideas, and might get implemented (I'd have to prioritize the court over the senate [NB vice versa]) but right now what I need are some more quests and like, oddities. Satanic cults kidnapping children and babies. Housewives selling drugs! Towns and/or town populations teleported into another dimension. Somebody going around zombifying people. Plots to blow up the senate. Doomsday weapons! Shamans who need a spirit feather to ascend to godhood! Secret books entrapping young maidens for their unearthly desires! Um... cough drops that are lost! Scratch that, disease and epidemics that need curing!

I wonder if I really did manage a properly designed quest system, if I could get a huge amount of variety, the kind of thing I have really been pushing for. I imagine something like how the weapon system works; a few core components who know how to implement themselves, but can look like many different things, and draw on other components in a mediumly-flexible fashion. The models I've worked with so far proved either to general or too flat, i.e., not much room for combinations. This should really be the icing on the cake! It could really turn vex into the bizarre, mysterious place that I always wanted it to be. I guess all that I can do is mull it over for a bit. It seems possible anyhow.


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