Fatal Crash Bugs-a-Plenty!

Well unfortunately the crash bugs have really started to show their ugly heads =) So long without any real crash bugs, I guess this is to be expected.

My feelings right now is that it must be something related to threads. So I'm adding code to allow disabling of threaded loading in several places, try to narrow it down. Beyond that, I do have a bit of an idea where the bugs might be arriving, and it may involve mutexes in my error reporting routines as well as grepping for "static" =)

Beyond that, I got the material thing worked out partly at least for making cities light up at night. I still have some thinking to do, the current way is a bit ugly and not very efficient, but I might be able to fix things/find a cleaner implementation, and/or just optimize the current one through even more ugliness....

I have to put ships flying around the planet. That's gotta be next on the list of gameplay things. These ships will be different than the hailable NPC ships, in fact what I might do is cut down a lot on the NPC ships since I will be adding tons of "planet" ships. These ships aren't hailable, will perhaps even have different models, etc. They are going to work more like monsters in terms of spawning and moving around, they will fly from city to city and land and disappear at them periodically. You will be able to shoot them, but you'll maybe get criminal warrants against you, I don't know....


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