Something that has been bugging me for awhile, is that I don't really have a good plan for "NPC combat". What that is is basically where you challenge an NPC to a duel. Originally I had envisioned a simple RPG-like system, with messages that you slash or whatnot, but actually in the end this was kind of boring so I nixed it.

What I was going to implement, was a simple-ish system of automated battles. So when you attack an NPC, basically it creates some cute description for the battle as it occurs. This is better, and workable.

Then I had another idea. Why not a little abstract arcade minigame? This is a little wacky, but the way it works should be fairly fun, and a nice distraction for the player (and, I'll admit, myself). It's hard to describe what I have in mind, but more or less, you duel enemies by clicking on circles that move around, which represent attacks that you make or your opponent makes. At any rate, the circles have much fancier patterns for more advanced enemies.

The system seems wacky, but I think it's ok. There are two major risks: 1- the player will find it just too bizarre and it will be a turnoff from an otherwise coherent game. 2- it will be more fun and action-packed than the battle engine (i.e., the flying around and shooting)

I guess that 1- I am just going to kind of dismiss. The minigame is fairly optional. Players are used to card-based minigames in RPGs, why not this?

For 2-, it's trickier but I guess my only answer is, the main battle engine has to be more fun as it is whether or not this gets done. Will it just end up pointing out the flaws of the main battle engine, I don't really know... I hope not. I hope that really, I can get the main battle engine.

I hope mainly that this isn't a waste of time......


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