Enough graphics for awhile...

Back to tweaking other aspects of gameplay! I've got most of everything colorized now, it still needs work but I think basically it's looking a lot better.

Anyhow, I had two really cool ideas for gameplay. First one, kind of a steal from discworld, but basically you should only know certain languages when you start the game. This will give you something else to put XP into. Basically, we want to create as many XP sinks as we can, since it encourages the player to well, play.

With that said, the passport for XP cost thing really doesn't make sense. So I may change passports to be just money based. I.e., you just shell out X amount of dollars for a passport. That actually makes more sense.

Okay, the real idea I had was well, some sort of abstract minigame for duelling. When you challenge an NPC to a fight, you pick your favorite weapon and duel it out with him/her. Anyhow my idea was basically, these flashing circles and stuff appear onscreen which you have to click to attack/block. Well, it will be more fun than it probably sounds =) At any rate, a simple arcadey gameplay mode would be really fun the way I have it envisioned, and it's not /that/ much work so I think I will actually do it.

Between pondering these two ideas (both of which I would classify as likely at this point) I am also continuing work on the galactic senate. I have the ministry of culture done, remember this is basically an information service. I'm also tweaking the number of towns, cities, people, everything like that trying to create a "fuller" feel without overloading things (at one point I had 3k NPCs, waaay too many)


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