Splish Splash!

Yesterday I colorized and materialized the monster classes, at least the furry ones. I should add scales and slime today; I don't know if I will actually end up adding feathery type, it seems a logical cut anyhow. Maybe I can put some feather textures in with scales.

I also worked on the water effect. I have a pretty decent one now, unfortunately there is no edge-transparency, and also the way it's working I can't add depth coloring either (i.e., make it darker blue where the water is deep)

This is a mixed situation. I might end up keeping it that way, actually, or I might bring back the edge transparency, or maybe with depth coloring (what I'm trying right now) or only with depth coloring. The problem with edge transparency is hard to describe properly but, there is a slight problem with it anyhow. Maybe it just needs tweaking.

Last thing I'd like to get done today is colorizing the stars. Since I have the HSV code in it's fairly trivial to allow picking of star color. Then, I want to add atmospheric lens flare, which is basically an additional lens flare that happens due to atmosphere and looks like sunrays.

So, if I can add those monster textures, get the stars colorized, and finish up this water effect, then I suppose that will be a good day! And I'm gonna do some Christmas shopping today too...


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