Fast Art

Ah yes, the art is fast!

I implemented the "pod" monster. I got to use the cool meshstem algorithm (in vex autogen) which basically takes a mesh and replicates it across another mesh. Basically what I found is pod monsters don't always have heads, so I put eyes all over their main body. I could use that algorithm as a simple way to add bumpy bits like warts or even hairy bits like tentacleannea to other monsters.

Other than that, I reworked parts of the main flier monster class. One way to think of it is like, flier is sort of a "dragon-type" of monster. So I can generate a few types of dragons or whatnot. I think I will expand the flier type monster, and work a bit on materials/colouring today. Right now the main thing I think about it that sort of sucks is that there isn't much in the way of texture variety. There is a fair bit of body variety but the textures are all mostly the same. I need to work those up!

I figured out there should be four main texturing types for monster: furry, scaley, slimey and feathery. Slimy is like, well dripping slime or leathery or what other smooth things. Scaley is hard or scales or golemish stone or whatnot. Furry is fur. Feathery is feathers.

I'm not yet 100% sure how this fits in. For instance, I think pod monsters should mostly be slimey. They would look most appropriate as that. And like, flier type shouldn't really be slimey, but feather, furry, scaley are probably all OK. I'll have to see as other types come into play.

I am actually a little surprised how fast the texturing/modelling goes. I really do have a great system in place... Even the animation is no big deal, once I remember how to do it (I wasted a bit of time thinking I could use armatures then realized, blender doesn't really export the matrix data properly, so, I have to use matrix animations; then I realized, hey matrix animation is actually faster than using armatures for this anyhow; then I was surprised but happy)


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