No way. Hehe. I'm not going to bother with such a big event system. I think, if I can improve the monster, ship, etc. AI, then I /may/ have a few events that stick out. But a whole diplomacy system with wars and whatnot, while not a terrible idea, will have to sit at the bottom of the idea pile for now...

What I really need now is to balance what's already in. Right now that means the cargo commodities system, where the player can ship cargo from place to place to earn money. This will also earn repore with the company in question.

The problem now is, there's no way to tell where you should deliver your cargo to. Also, it's highly probable that you can only earn very slight money, and that only if you really know exactly when and where to buy. I.e., it's impossible.

So I'm thinking a few things. First idea is maybe the companies will tell you where to deliver the cargo to. The other idea is, perhaps we more or less keep the current system but boost the profit margins, and give certain types of NPCs good information on where to buy/sell.

Some NPCs can maybe just plain /require/ cargo for some project or another. This can be a type of quest.

Incidentally, the bottom line for why I can't/shouldn't/won't do the event system is that I have already a quest system. One which needs badly to be filled out before it's any fun, but one which when it is done, should give the player reasonable options to persue if they want to help somebody out. You know, it's not a terrible thing if, some player needs Piled Mortars to build his new deck/kitchen/basement/whatnot, and wants you to find some for him. Meanwhile he offers you a pittance but, you do it to help him, or perhaps if he is rich he pays you quite well and you make a tidy profit. But in the end, he is happy.

Actually, I need to think hard about /little/ quests! Not such big things as kidnapped children, dragons and terrorizing monsters. Construction project seems like a great one. NPCs will require a certain collection of materials and tools to finish their projects. If you can help them, they will be very happy =)

Vex isn't exactly space opera, and I think I should realize that it bottom line isn't going to be. At this point, I could implement probably some kind of space pirate cartel netherworld, but it's not really the feel of things I'm afraid. Ah me.


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