Et Voila!

Vex is finished!

..... well not. But today marks a real important milestone, in that the story is implemented, all core mechanics and gameplay are in, so all that is left is balancing, filling things out, graphical improvements, sound effects, and bugtesting. This isn't exactly "nothing" but it's a heck of an awesome place for a project like this to be. Really! I can't hardly believe it, but it's really come far and now I feel that I can finally start making this thing shine. I think the core mechanics are fun. I think there is a lot of unrealized potential, not just in terms of engine but just in terms of, hey, I have an excellent, proven process here for getting this game made and I can't wait to take it to that next and final level. I'm so excited!

Tommorow I work on either monster automodeller, or monster AI. Monster AI is probably a bigger bite, so I think will work on it first. What's nice is that in this fill out process, I can fill one area out for awhile and then switch to another. I've done that quite a bit so far, and it seems to work. Everything converges towards completion together, instead of working really hard to get monster AI and then deciding to use the engine to make a forestry sim.

Well you get the picture. When you converge the different parts together at the same time, they have a chance to play off and balance with each other.


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