I'm working on mainly two things right now.

I'm working on mainly two things right now. One is to rework the quest system slightly (again (again (yes))). Basically what I have is good but I decided to move certain things out of umake and into lua (this tends to make it a lot easier to develop/test things, which really matters a lot with quests)

Secondly, I'm continuing the story. I have the story maybe about half implemented. I need to add hints. Part of the story requires finding a certain number of good and bad prophets. All you are given is their names. What I'm thinking is, as you get closer to a prophet, there are more and more hints about them, and more detailed. That's about it. I just use geographic distance to determine how many people should know about a given prophet, and how much. We leave the rest up to the player. If they can't find out anything other than so-and-so is a welder on karshnish, then they have to visit the guild or something, possibly just search karshnish until they find him. I think that it's a good system becuase it's fairly easy to implement, I can always add more and more hints to make it easier to track the prophets down, and also it encourages the player to interact with NPCs, which is how they upgrade their ship and just in general become more powerful.

Vex is really coming along nicely, and I've really felt that way for most of this project!


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