Story Planning

Well, yes, I have reworked the story yet again. Of course, a lot has been added since my last LJ entry but there's not much benefit to going over that.

Anyhow, the new story is quite simpler than the other one. In particular it should be easier to implement, and be more implemented in lua rather than umake. I.e., it's a bit more dynamic.

The basis of the story is that you are chasing after a relic on behalf of a God. This will bring the whole sect/religion system to the fore, where it belongs since there is a fairchucnk of umake code devoted to it, and it's interesting gameplay wise as well.

I reworked the robotic helper. Likely, all character classes will have the same helper, but some character classes may have other options open to them (e.g., i still like the idea of the psychic being able to tap into the life force conciousness of the universe thing, it's just that it's maybe a bit silly to make that hte helper, since now the helpers job is just to offer advice)

Things are really really shaping up now. It's pretty nice and exciting, I can actually see having the whole story system implemented and whatnot, maybe in 1 or 2 months time. If that's the case, it would put me in an excellent position, since what remains is more or less to finish adding the enemy AI and balance stuff, then just graphical tweaks.


I'm really happy and encouraged with vex, when i look at what remains to be done and it's not really that much. These projects are, after all, finishable.

On a side note, i really can hardly wait for FF advent children. I think it's going to be a lot better than FF:TSW because they aren't trying so hard for a realistic look, instead they just have the squaresoft look which is pretty darn cool.


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