Work Plan!

I finally have a work plan for all story and dialogue elements in vex. It's taken so long because there wer so many little details to work out in terms of gameplay mechanics, etc., but at this point I feel confident that the sketching-out of tasks left to do in order to make vex feel like a full game story-wise is more or less complete! It's awesome, becuase it means that I won't be stuck for anything to do from this point on, really, although there is still much room for innovating and coming up with different elements; it's more of a fill-in-the-blanks, and implement-implement-implement process right now, than breaking new ground. This is very, very good...

The task break down is basically that I have about 246 different story elements to put in. It is broken down into main areas Story, Quests, Rewards, Skills and Dialogue. Some areas are easier than others, but they are reasonably close in terms of work. At any rate, I would *like* to average about 8 or so a day, 8 to 10, that gives me about 25-30 days to complete it which is about a month, so if I give myself realistically twice that, I think I am fairly good shape.

This isn't by any means the complete work required, and there is still significant work left in complete other areas (for instance, programming more interesting weapons, expanding the AI, expanding the model generators, etc. etc.) but this is the "meat" of what makes the game in terms of story advancement. All that I can say is, hoorj!


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