Work plans!

Well, I have worked out basically all major parts (I think) of the autogen now. Whew!

What this means is that in a sense all that's left is to fill things in, add more and more and more and more, debug, finetune, balance, and probably still make some design changes along the way.

Hopefully not too many major changes =)

The game isn't yet winnable, but that will probably change in the next few hours, I just have to add a bit of code so that when you talk to a certain NPC the game ends (of course, when it's all finished it won't be so simple =)

It's not to say that the game is almost finished, however! There still remains a lot to do, tons in fact, however this is hopefully the kind of work that can be easily planned out, organized, and finished. I know that for instance, adding more stuff into the model generators has been quite easy, and yeilded good results actually.

So anyhow, woo hoo! What I want to do today before I go to watch the hockey game (at 4pm) is get in that little bit of code that says you've won the game, and then possibly start planning out and breaking down the bunch of little tasks that have to be done.


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