Alpha 0.75

And so it converges! Well, today I released the Alpha 0.75. It seems like a good place to release since I think it's about a month since last one.

What next? Well in the last LJ I talked about waiting until the game mechanics were more fleshed out before implementing the story, but last night I was pondering and I think I will actually shake that up a bit. The basic reason is that the story is ultimately part of the game mechanics because it outlines when and where you can advance. Now, I have an idea for a basic story which is sort of a twist on the usual "legendary hero" ideal, and will support and be supported by the game mechanic very well, and requires fairly minimal effort on my part to implement. And so, tentatively, I'm thinking the main thing I will work on now, is that.

This is definitely option #2. That is, every job class has the same main objective and the same story outline, but maybe vastly different ways of achieving it.

Remember: in vex the story is LIGHT. Don't think Ultima 6 here, think slightly more than Nethack. It would be nice to allow the story to fill itself out, with lots of little events and whatnot, but for the time being, it's going to be very very simple. Anyhow, beyond all this I am not going to talk about it in LJ.


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