Ship NPCs

Well ship refactoring went well, considering I really took it easy on saturday (I only worked like 2-3 hours =)

Today, or I should say, meanwhile, I've been thinking where to go next and the place seems to be, as before to get those ships working, but also to put NPCs into them. I originally had though, I will create a separate NPC class for them, but now I don't think so, instead I would like to just reuse the NPC classes I have, becuase they are shitloads of annoying work, and they themselves still need a lot of fleshing out. So this will save me some work. If there are any scenarios that are really inappropriate, I will seek to remedy them with some kind of is_pilot flag.

The whole idea of automagically generating NPCs is quite an insane situation, I would say it is probably the wierdest/strangest/fakest/hardest part of the autogen by quite a large margin. There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it, and it involves a LOT of shaky logic and false reasoning to get to work =) In other words, it epitomizes good game design! Rule 3 of Game Design says: the game should always /seem/ more intelligent than it is.


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