I wark on it awwwl dey lawng....

Yes sirree... Okay, i have honestly been playing a little bit (too much as always) of a MUD called discworld, but, other than that have been making steady progress. I have the screens/nav info/etc. setup and working great for cities, and added info boxes for planets and whatnot. It's much better. The galaxy map will have to wait to a later alpha to be revised, it's not worth it right now to sort that out.

What's next? Tweaking, adding features for the next alpha. Frankfully, there is already more features than before, since I have fixed the city generation (it was generating only small cities before) and other misc. things. The main goal right now is to tweak ships. I have coded AIs for I think 5 or 6 type of ships, but right now only one type (the simplest) is actually being used. So I'll get those in. Also, I need to tweak the cruiser AI itself. The ships always start outside the system, and I'm not happy at all with the warp delays/etc. This maybe is worth fixing before I add more ship types, since then I can tweak each ship type as I add it in.

Overall, I have really been enjoying working on this stuff. The game is lifting itself by it's bootstraps at this point, that is to say, it is feeling quite a bit like a real game.

I am still thinking about quests and story =) After I get NPC ships in, I think I will do another development cycle on the city NPCs, and add some quest kind-of stuff to them. Basic quests would be delivery-type quests.


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