WinSock Rock!

Why? Because it is based on BSD sockets =) Well, anyways, the socket code wasn't too hard to port over. Some definite work, yes, but thanks to my good internetfriend infidel karchusmo (infey) it is now working! Well, at least the little test chat client I wrote is working =)

So what remains now is to do the new windows build of vex, this is kind of time consuming though so I'm going to fix a few annoying bugs first. Then there will be Alpha 0.5.N, where N means "networked"

What can you expect? Well not too much, basically you can see the other players flying around. This was quite a lot of work get going however, and more work to debug too and make things work somewhat reliably (which it seems to at this point). Path prediction is pretty good, I suppose it could be better but I'm happy with it for now. Sometimes the remote ships turn too slowly. After this, I can begin the next big push for alpha, which will be Alpha 0.75. =)


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