Okay, so I'm looking at the server architecture now. It is pretty good. I have a working "gameserver", that is, which hosts the global stuff and which call clients connect to (and which is a separate program altogether). Then, i have a working "localserver", which runs on each client and allows clients to sync with each other. Now, is coordinating the two, so that clients know which other localservers they need to connect to.

Right now, I am broadcasting two types of data, basically which system each player is in, and what their localserver stuff is (i.e., what IP address and what port # the localservers run on). As this data is submitted to the gameserver, the gameserver broadcasts it to other clients so they can tell what's going on. Then, when they recieve these messages, they are supposed to know to connect and which clients to connect to! Voila!

Once client connection management is in place (today I think for sure) I can look at synchronizing events between clients. Then the real fun begins, and I mean that not just sarcastically because it will be really really cool to play vex networked.


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