Network Code

Arrgh! Tricky.

Tricky thing about coding client and server at the same time is

debugging them both at the same time. I had a majorly annoying day, but the code now works. I had a big problem earlier where the network code was causing the game to run verrry slowly. Guess what? It turns out the server itself was stuck in an infinite loop (it's supposed to use select). So anyhow =) I wasted a bunch of time debugging/recoding/being astounded/etc. by a choppy framerate that was caused by another process entirely.

It seems my original idea for an architecture wasn't too bad. But It's better now, I think. At any rate, login works, database access (probably still) works. I have quite a ways to go before you can see other guys flying around the system, but it will get there sooner than later =)


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