Network Classes...

Well, a little refresher on socket programming, and everything (more or less) seems to be in order. Took basically a day and abit to get the sockets thing working, but it looks like it will be no problem. At any rate there is a socket class that works in a way that will be very useful to me, and which hopefully won't be too too hard to rewrite for windows (it will still be a bitch, thought)

I am after all going to simplify the network architecture, at least to start. Rather than have three levels, client, server, and server-server, Ill just go with client and server. At some later date, I have a migration plan to the three-level model (which I like because the server-server has a very light load, i.e., it's way more distributed) but for now I'll just have a simple client-server topology (single server, multiple clients of course, where clients may also be directly connected as peers to each other, and no fork() nonsense, not that it really matters)

So anyhow, I need to make a separate project for the vex server. This is actually a very very simple program. Or should be. Right now I have some test server in place but it's just part of the vex executable, but in the end will need a standalone server becuase well, vex exe is kind of heavyweight and the idea is that at some point in the future, people will want to run servers for an extended period of time on their systems, so it needs to be as light as possible.


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