Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE

Have been watching this anime, it's really pretty and has a nice overall flavour. Definitely good show for kids to watch =) I would have really loved if there was animation this good when I was little....

Anyhow, I have done the following! Fixed the animation system. There were a few bugs in it, now it is all working great. Nothing too major here but took me last night and part of this morning until it was finally done.

Now, there are fliers placed around the planet, which you can shoot for damage. They don't die just yet. They also don't fly around on their own. Neither one of these is an extremely big hurdle, but it will definitely take some working out. What I *want* to do, is when you shoot them, they leave some fire behind (i don't know, like a PSX final fantasy monster I guess) and their body parts fall apart and onto the ground, where they bounce and finally fade/fall in. Actually, this is probably closer to how monster death is handled in Zelda 64 and Majora (and maybe gamecube zelda, I haven't played that yet) more than how it is in PSX final fantasies.

Well anyhow, I suppose the question is whether to handle monster movement, or monster death, first. I think actually monster death, because it is simpler and once it's done, it's done (or at least, mostly done =).

Monster movement is a lot bigger problem, for obvious reasons, and more than that, I will keep expanding it and expanding it. Monster death just happens once, the monster leaves a gem which you can collect, voila ta biere.


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