Nu flyver anton

Today I shall add fliers!

And about right, I think that after this I *definitely* have to get the AI polished up.

I will be using a similar system to when I implemented crawlers, except I've made it a bit more flexible design-wise, the idea being that it's a little less work to start and a little easier to add different and strange type of bodies and whatnot. Basically, all I have to enforce is an ordering over body parts, so that, for instance, a torso can sprout wings but wings can't sprout a torso. However, a head could also sprout wings. A torso can sprout a head. But a head also cannot sprout a torso. So there is just a strict ordering on body parts, what can sprout what. Beyond that, I am free to add more body parts to the design as I see them, and use or not use them.

The initial design has just, torso, head, beak, wing, and tail. It's not going to be enough in the final analysis, but it will work to begin with.


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