I have been implementing the tree model. Did most of the basic work saturday, and now I am refining/et al.

It's pretty awesome! The parametric modelling system I use is really, really insanely flexible and works very nicely. Will allow me to make trees with a wide variety in terms of basic tree type and still have some narrower variety within each tree category, I think in a very sensible way. I would love to try and develop this system with a bit more solid theoretical basis because I think if you could create a programming or data language based on it, it would be very powerful and also probably unique.

Anyhow, the trees are starting to look like trees. I had to implement a simple system for recursion which required an addition to the parametric modeller as well as a small addition to the info system, both of which are now done and working. I'm actually pretty pleased with how the tree looks, it's sort of cartoony and lopsided but hey, it will only get better right?


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