Time to call it quits...

HAHA Just kidding!

What i really mean is, time to call this tree planting algorithm finished. It doens't look perfect, there is lots of room for improvement, but ultimately it looks pretty good. From here on in I will need to improve it in integration with the rest of the engine; i.e., any improvements I make are going to have to start to take into account what sort of plants/trees/whatnot I can autogen.

So now, the question is, should I work on plant/tree/etc. autogen, or on flying monster autogen?

Flying monster autogen is more critical, because it is central to gameplay. But, I may slightly diverge from my usual tactic of implementing the most critical thing and do plant/tree generation. Of course I won't completely fill it out, just get the basics down. The reason I guess is two fold. First of all, it's rather easy, and if I'm going to have any real problems integrating it with the new algorithm, I'd rather do it before I forget how the new algorithm works! Secondly, it will give me just that much more practice in making autogen models before I tackle the flying monsters. Flying monsters actually offer much more flexibility than land creatures, because land creatures have to sort of stick to the ground. Flying monsters can look much, much wierder, and also can have more interesting movement patterns. So they are going to be core to gameplay. Well anyhow, I shall play a little twinbee and think about plant autogen.


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