Greenwood Diary...

Okay, today I have a *great* autogen model, which, hopefully will expand itself into somewhat of a servicable very large set of autogen models.

So what I'm going to do, instead of add more and more parts, is integrate this hilarious monster into vex.

Integration needs two parts: first, I need a basic AI module/etc. for the creature. Someday, I would like this to be autogen. But for now, I think it makes the most sense to start with a very simple, fixed AI. In particular, the monster will basically walk, and stop. After that, I make him shootable, killable, angerable, and cause him to attack by shooting spikes at you. But for now, a random walk/stop is very easy and safe; incidentally this is almost the same as what the kingsnails had in vex demo, and for very much the same reasons.

The second part it needs is a spawn manager. I.e., something to place the creatures on planets. Again, I think I will use essentially the same spawn manager that the kingsnails used, which just places them uniformly across the surface of the planet, as you fly around they are created and destroyed at a certain radius.

Simple! Then a bit of work in umake to cause these drones to be spit out/loaded/etc., and we should be able to fly to any planet and see these guys walking around.


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