Well, had to make some significant changes to how cities are placed on planets. Shouldn't really change how things ultimately look (i.e., how many cities, where they are, how they look, whatnot) just internally the order that things are done had to be changed. So it's an organizational change!

Why? Becuase, for a building that is a mine (i.e., a mineshaft which is like a dungeon in that the main purpose is to house enemies) it has to know what planet it is on, etc., so that it can determine what type of monsters (or rather, how strong) to put in the mine. This required me to backtrack a little bit, and I found I had some ordering problems, not too severe but enough to make me see how better I could organize city creation.

I am pretty excited for the monster battles. Actually internally they are called "gremlins", because monsters are creatures you shoot when flying around, these are creatures you encounter in text adventure mode (they will be in a lot more places than mines, for instance in a store a robber may burst in, initiating combat, but mines exist especially to house them)

I want to create more of a, hrmn, well think like this:

Dungeons and Dragons : Vex Gremlin Battles

Street Fighter 2 : Bushido Blade

That is, not really so much hitpoint/damage based, but more strategy based. Having said that, yes, gremlins have a hitpoint statistic. But it might not stay.


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