Come, Grimalkin......

(I think that's from CT somewhere)

Well I started to implement the mine room type now, and in doing so thought the time was to put in the basic rpg battle engine text adventure thing.

This works good, but I think I made a design mistake, which I will remedy. Basically, I was trying to autogen each type of enemy from orthogonal parameters; the parameterization I was using was body part mapping (i.e., it has body-part-type "legs" the wings are called "claws", well you can it's a bit silly)

What I think I will do instead is program "classes" of monsters, these will be little .info-based generators which spit out a monster, choosing it's name, etc.

That way, I can have like, a "dragon" type monster which may spit out for a game say 4 type of dragons, "red", "aquamarine", "silver", "angry" or what-not. But they are all dragons, have dragon-like attributes, etc.

Then I can have a "slime" type enemy, a "human", "snake", "alien virii", etc. etc. as my imagination allows. The autogen layer then is ultimately a bit more controlled I guess than what I had above but it's just easier this way and I think in the end will actually cover a wider possibility space with less man-hours (that is all we care about with this experiment, after all).

So in short, in a few days you should be able to do battle with Red Dragons, Drunk Hippies, so on and so forth.


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