So, i have retail outlets done, it was fun! I tried to model nethacks model for shopping, you buy stuff, you pay for stuff at the counter (or you try to leave without paying, ha!)

There will have to be some fun ways to shoplift in the final analysis, right now it just doesn't let you leave without paying.

I even was able to implement a simple shopping cart system, so items you pick up leave the store shelf but don't actually appear in your inventory until you pay for them.

What else hmn....

Now, I have to work on the battle engine. This is sort of a fun diversion, a simple DQ-alike battle engine whereby you fight monsters in caves, etc.

It is the main purpose for a mine, but also an important part of gameplay because it controls a lot of NPC interactions. Hopefully, when this is done, the battle engine will feature destructable environments, improvised weaponry, phrase-engine-generated taunts, etc.! All within the context of a text adventure! Really the flexibility the text adventure system is great, I don't have to worry about graphics or animation, and in teh end I can add a huge, cute, dimension to gameplay. Instead, I can hopefully do a lot of mix and match within the phrase engine/autogen/etc. in order to get monsters which all act a little different, give different descriptions (for how they look, behave, etc.) and have different strategies. Another fun experiment for autogen!

Vex is really coming together!

Badly missing will be monsters (i.e., what you shoot with your plane). Other big things missing are vegetation/rocks/etc., weather systems, a bit better system for ships flying around/ship battle/weapons. Basically, a fair chunk of stuff taking place in the main engine. I also still need to work on some overarching story framework, though that is coming together in my mind right now.

Lots to do! Hehehe....


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