The flight model has been enhanced. There is now a nice feel of "lift" and also some idea of friction as you travel along the surface. Still not perfect but I think it's an improvement -- definitely makes landing more fun!

Got to test the world in a fuller sense! I have to say, it actually seems to be coming together pretty well. Still lots of bugs and many, many things to fill in. You can land at cities (which are sometimes a bit tricky to find) and enter buildings, which really have all different sorts of people! Most of the people don't do or say much, but, really, it is getting fuller and fuller.

I will have to re-do the base scene play mode, or rather rework it a bit. But this isn't such a huge issue. I had a list along the left, but i'll redo it so that each building you can enter has an icon that you click on, which then shows you the building and give syou an option to enter it. Right now the base view spins around, which I actually quite like and might very well keep; just looks a bit nicer than straight overhead view.

You don't have to land on landing-pads anymore. Indeed, they should be or will be removed entirely. You just have to "park" next to a city, and then you can choose what buildings to explore. Much, much better =)


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