It's been a few days.

Lately, have been implementing cargo/trading. Right now, it's pretty basic but also reasonably fleshed out. In theory it should be possible to earn a little money trading cargo, but the actual gameplay dynamic is highly untested.

Other things that have been decided:

1- Shooting down enemies (monsters) will net you gems, as well as experience. Ha ha =) It's so good I slap myself silly. Remember gems are an ecomonic basis for the game, this connects very nicely.

2- Every building (room) type has it's function laid out, and I am just implementing them. Buildings also will have optional side-quests, e.g., an office tower may have a cafeteria, washroom, storage closet, what have you. This fits nicely as well, give just a little more depth to the game world.

3- I think I am actually going to work a tiny bit on the flight model today. This is a bizarre diversion but I was watching the old trailer and realised, ha, I need to make the flight dynamic a bit more interesting. Mainly, airspeed relative to horizontal will determine your anti-gravity factor, so when you go slow you will start to fall; BUT, as you near the ground, a hovering force will repel you. To land at cities, I am probably going to nix the landing pad scheme that is in right now, and have you just set down on the ground nearby. When you double-stop-click, close to the ground, and while already stopped, you will disengage hover mode and land on the ground. If you are near to a city, you'll be allowed to choose what building to travel to. If not, maybe you can explore your own ship. (yes! that would be nice!) In space, the same thing would make sense, basically if at full stop, if you double-right click you shut down the engines and enter your own ship. Then I can put a sleepiness/pilot health model, so you need to take frequent naps (I'll just integrate food with sleepiness, I really think it's a nice idea) You can also use this to let time pass on a planet you are on, just use your bunk until the morning.

WOW! H3ehe most of 3- i just came up with right now, it really makes a lot of sense =)



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