Vex Intro

I think next I will be implementing the very introductory stuff to the game. That is, the very first stage of the nonlinear "story", that sets off the heros adventures. It seems like a logical place to start, and that way I can hopefully see where to add more growth elements (ie. ways to progress through the game, levels, chase princess) in a fairly easy way.

I've laid it all out, and I hope I've made it as simple and obvious as I can. There are only 3 parties other than yourself: the princess who you rescue, your mentor and the princess guardian, old wise man gaspar, and the kidnappers. The princess is kidnapped at a fixed time (during the first night) and if you are out then you'll see it happen, otherwise not. Then Gaspar becomes worried, you can explore and find out clues about it (villagers will have the first clues). Anytime after day 2, if you talk to Gaspar properly, he will give you the Sky Orb (or something like that) that lets you enter the back room of the temple and board the first space ship. It's all gravy from there on in, I should think.

Other ideas:

-- Maybe, you have to enter space and see the warp trail before a certain time, or you'll not be able to follow the pirates and will basically lose the game.

-- You will be able to talk to princess on the first day, and maybe if you know what you are doing you can get information about the universe that will come in handy later on, if you happened to be paying attention


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