Disney 1 and 2

Do Not Make Me CEO of Walt Disney Corporation


You want to control the future
You need to control the flow of media
You want to know what media is?
Just look at that man-hole cover
We're going to take that man-hole cover
We're going to put a picture of Donald Duck on it
Every time you look at that man-hole cover
You'll pay a small fee to consume the picture of Donald Duck
A fraction of a cent
You won't care
You won't fight it
And you're going to look at that man-hole cover
On your way to work
Every working day
Of your life
And over a year
We're going to collect fully thirty, thirty-five cents from it
And Donald Duck is going to be on every man-hole cover in america
And we're going to make five hundred million dollars a year
And you won't care
You won't fight it
Because we're going to kick fifty million dollars a year
Into the municipalities
A Disney Juvenation Fund
It's going to make your city sparkle
Your city shine--

You're going to love it.


Every year
You're going to do your time
Your week at DisneyLand

We'll put it on your schedule
You're going to
Spend That Money,
Like It Or Not

But you're going to like it
Or you're going to pretend to like it
You don't have to go
You can stay at home if you want
But you're not going to have electricity
You're not going to have any running water
That week
Becuase we're going to work with the city to reduce their costs
And pay them to run the promotion with us
And your week for a rolling shutoff is going to be the week we have you set up
For a twenty percent discount
It'll all work out
We'll need you to be reasonable
So don't worry about it
Don't fight it
Don't make yourself miserable
Make up your minds
To have a good time--

Just go.

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