Sheet Music (PDF)
Cue Sheet (ODS)


I was really happy with this piece of music and wanted to make a short video to harmonize visually with it. This is also a bit of a test video for a new camera that I want to make more movies with.

There was no clear vision for this other than some combination of colors, out of focus elements, and shiny things. This resulted in an incredibly bad first version that I threw out-- the cuts felt like they were somehow trying to parody the music to comedic effect (at one point a blurry hippopotamus appears for no reason). This isn't what I wanted, even though this is a light piece of music.

For the second and final version finally I settled a little bit on flowers which were readily available, bursting just everywhere in Calgary's June.

The title "Merlin" is based on a character in the anime Fate Grand Order Babylonia. Merlin in the context of this story controls flower magic.


The underlying "noise floor" is just a recording taken at night of a sewer.

The piano is my KAWAI ES8. The drums, bass and synth sounds are all sample-based. The vocal sample is from Fate GrandOrder Bablyonia. This was all recorded digitally, not to tape.

There is no fixed tempo, since the underlying recording is just me performing the piano part continuously and without a metronome. The drum part was a little bit challenging in this context.

Merlin - Notes, June/July 2022

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