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I took my film camera to ORCAJAM 2012 in Victoria, BC to take pictures of the game makers who were gathered there.

I'm still getting used to the camera, so most of these are probably underexposed. But hey, look! It's chemical processes, pretty awesome to think about. Big thanks to WAL-MART for developing them for me.

Also, a lot of pictures were taken the first day, but ended up superimposed on one another because the film was loaded incorrectly. I fixed it for day 2 and tried to get as many people as I could, but doubtless missed many.

A bunch of these are people playing the multiplayer arena mode of Matt Thorson's game TowerFall, it's really fun and I got a bit carried away.

Finally, apologies to anybody whose picture I took and either it looks very underexposed here or otherwise just didn't get in-- a lot of the pictures just didn't turn out. C'est la vie...