Major Tom Rocket Driver

Picture of a rocket taking off on mars. In the upper left corner is an indicator showing the required escape velocity to leave mars (5000m/s) as well as the current velocity (247m/s).

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Ludum Dare Competition Entry Page

Controls: SPACEBAR, ARROWS. ESC to cancel an attempt.

Game by Calvin French. Based on the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.

Music written by David Bowie but played by me. Used without permission, hey!

Made for Ludum Dare August 2011.


I did change one tiny thing literally <3 min after compo deadline, there was a broken pause functionality (when you lose browser focus) and I disabled it.

There is a small bug remaining, basically when you beat a level make sure to press SPACE to go to the next. Otherwise the game won't record that you've beaten the level. Sorry!

Source code is below under file attachments!

majortom_source_compo_version_2011-08-21.zip5.99 MB

I loved it! Especially Major Tom's comments. Fun!

Now I'm going to go play more of your games.