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What's New for 2017?

I don't update this page very much! The mood is striking me right now though so here's what I'm about:

  • Paradise Never is still on the way! But of course :) I'm continuing to work on it, no estimate when it'll be done as I am restructuring the higher level gameplay drastically, but I have a high confidence it will be amazing.
  • Cellpop Goes Out At Night, a mini-sequel to The Real Texas, was released last year. I think it's special!
  • I've a vague idea to branch out a little bit maybe release some tiny stuff.
  • I've a vague plan to get more of my older games up on this site.
  • I've a less-vague plan to share more information on a regular basis.

I am pretty optimistic about the future. Paradise Never is a project that has come together better than anything else I have made, despite a few major changes I'm making. It's a hard thing to describe precisely but the quality of the game is extremely good. The code itself is a joy to work with, and offers me a ton of flexibility. Longer term I will reuse the game engine heavily for other things.

Thanks to those that are interested in what I'm doing and send me encouragement on twitter and elsewise!

- Calvin

May 13, 2017


Kitty Lambda is (right now) Calvin French, who makes games part time. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Currently working on Paradise Never

This website is a mix of official Kitty Lambda releases sold for money, free games you can play (please do... and tell me about it!), as well as a collection of other things I make like writing or photos.

Being a real live human being, as it turns out, that's enough! I'm not what I make or what I do. That's why it's not "Calvin French Corp." I hope that makes sense. Kitty Lambda is a thing I made, wherein I release other things I make.

In the future I would love for it to be a studio with enough resources that I could work with other people full time. One day!

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