My Games

Hey! If you find you like any of these, please leave me a comment-- it means a lot!

Craemle Zone title image
Craemle Zone
Psychaedelic Space Shooter

The Alone Sword
Miniature Zelda-like

Game based on the song Space Oddity by David Bowie
Rocket Driver Game

Epilepsy Inducing Seizure Game

A game/toy about Extinction for the Global Game Jam 2011.
Kind of a Game, Kind of a Toy

Foray into Chaos Theory. For best results do nothing.
Kind of a Koan, Kind of a Toy
The Legend of Elkanah
A retelling of 1 Samuel 1 from the point of view of Hannah.

A Storybook Game

An RPG I made so, so long ago. This was so, so much work.

A Short Action-RPG
Death, Life and a Day at the Beach
Three quick games, WARNING two are arty shmups and one is a ridiculous choose yer own adventure.

= Arty Shmup X2 + Choose Your Own Adventure X1
Hunters of the Northwest Passage
Find the elusive Northwest Passage for Henry V, but watch out for that nasty cold they've got up there.

It drives men mad.

A Menu Driven Story Game
Night Cruising
A game about a guy who has to take a drive to take the edge off the pain of losing a relationship.

A Driving Introspection Game
Demonic Farmer Gabo
High action/strategy farming sim that has you in the role of a demon, summoned back after 100 years' sleep and NEEDING FOOD.

A Maddening Clickfest Game
Sidescrolling exploration floaty-shooter (think: platformer where you float, and shoot) Fun like beans, lots of enemies!

An Exploration Floaty Shooter Game
Miracle Bees
Lead the bees back to the hive!

A Real Time Strategy Game