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December 31, 2014. Demonick Farmer Gabo.


November 9, 2014. What am I up to.

Well, for the past approximately 1.5 years I've been hard at work on a new game. Of course! It could hardly be any other way, that's what I do.

But that's a long time to work on something without talking about it, so I'm getting ready to announce it soon. I guess I want to make a good first impression, and it's a fairly ambitious thing (because otherwise, why bother!) so a lot has to be in place before you can kind of see what it is.

I'm working with some other people on this one although it's still mostly me.

Other than that, I'm trying to create a space here where I can kind of organize all the things I've made so people can enjoy them. I have a bunch of unreleased games, most of them don't work that well which is why they aren't released. But they deserve to get out there! :)

Lastly, I've got some other things on the back-burner, most notably a nice huge big update to The Real Texas (free) which will hit when the game finally makes it to Steam.

Thanks for checking out my website. Please say hi on twitter!



Kitty Lambda is right now Calvin French, who lives in Calgary AB and makes games full time.

Currently working with Devolver on a unannounced thing and other people who will appear here soon.

This website is a mix of official Kitty Lambda games that get sold for money, free games, and a place for me to put various things I make like writing or photos.

Being a real live human being, as it turns out, that's enough! I'm not what I make or what I do. That's why it's not "Calvin French Corp." I hope that makes sense. Kitty Lambda is a thing I made, wherein I release other things and maybe work with other people.
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